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LMPT and Channeling with Lobos

I have had the pleasure to meeting and working with Kerstin Ajasha one-on-one and also in the groups.  What has stood out for me is her clarity and her skills.  Each time she has channeled Lobos, I have experienced a deep sense of love and caring with a quiet wisdom that then seems to seep very quietly into my everyday life.  It seems life unfolds more easily as a result.  I have also completed a one-on-session in Light-Merkaba-Pyramid-Transformation (LMPT) – not quite knowing what to expect but trusting that clearing and goodness would be among the results.  Since spending those few hours with Kerstin Ajasha, I routinely use LMPT and meditate regularly with the meditation links she provided following that day.  LMPT has to be experienced and then lived with if one is to fully understand its perfect unfolding into one’s everyday life.  Kerstin Ajasha is clear in her purpose and skilled in her ability to provide what she says she offers.  I look forward to continuing to work with her, her guides, our guides, and with the LMPT process. VMB


LMPT Session facilitated by Kerstin at Resonance Float & Sound

I must say it was a great class of all day meditation. when Kerstin started to guide us through meditation. I connected right away and saw a "man" fixing my aura!!! On the first trip of our meditation I saw galaxies 🌌 and triangles shapes surrounding my aura. The triangle where spinning I clearly thought I was season when it comes to meditation. However felt like I did complete time travel 😂 I'm... so serious when she brought us back from the meditation. I felt like I nap for several hours and it was only 5 to 10 minutes meditation. Totally refresh and grounded!!!

We did 5 to 6 meditation and it kept getting better and better. After the third meditation I was connecting at record speeds was back waiting for everyone to journey back from the meditation.
I felt like time didn't exist and second where hours!!

My favorite part was the "world healing meditation" I saw millions and millions of angels I felt heaven opening it to doors to me and assisted me in meditation by sending healing to heavy suffering area around the world. I was inside a golden Triangle chariot and I went lightening fast many many times around the earth. My triangle chariot open up the heavens and many many angels went where I said to go without a seconds thought. The
Experience was so amazing it took me several day to even comment about it.

With the added help of her crystal skulls they keep me pretty grounded the entire time. I totally enjoy the time wells spent!

Bring a lot of water if you join this session and meditation chair/pillow!!!


I would describe LMPT as one of a kind, remarkable life transformation system and meditation practice. It’s absolutely amazing!! I’ve been using LMPT for several months and I am amazed how fast it works on both physical and spiritual realms. LMPT brings me success in every area that I am setting my intentions on improving in my life. What I love about it is that in only 10 minutes you can set your objective and in only 2-3 minutes you are in a deep meditative state. The feeling of peace and connection surrounds you. I learned and used different methods to improve my life in the past. The Silva Mind Control Method, Reiki, self-hypnosis and other meditations, but although none are worse or better, they are different. LMPT resonates with me the most. I use it now on its own or along with Reiki. I also use LMPT meditation before I give Reiki energy to family/friends. I already successfully used LMPT for seasonal allergies. I am 90% free going on a 100% without any medication. That alone is amazing!!!! I constantly use LMPT when I need an energy boost; during work or just before working out. The system is marvelous in releasing stress and fear. It puts me in a calm, peaceful and loving state. I use LMPT to improve all of my relationships. I use it to better my life physically and expand spiritually. It gets me closer to the source. Kerstin (Ajasha) is a brilliant, warm and compassionate instructor. In fact, she’s the only one in the USA who can teach LMPT. If you desire to find balance, peace, self-love, deep connection and expansion in all aspects of your life that you desire enhancement in, then this would be a great fit for you as well. More than that, it would be the most beneficial change in your life forever.

I am more than happy to post your testimonial, too. Just send me your review to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Thank you!


Interesting Links

Thank you, Blandina Gellrich, for all what you did for me

Thank you Hay Day Ranch for a wonderful experience! Donations welcome!

Thank you, Margit Kronenberghs - you saw me a long time before

Thank you Zabe Barnes for sharing your knowledge about the All-Can-Heal-Method, Advanced Prism and the Empowered Angel Healing.

Thank you Shay Martin for your wonderful explanation about my name, birthday and the purpose of my life. Love it.

Thank you Brook Still for sharing your wisdom and knowledge for the Light Language and Universal Laws with me

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Revolutionary Heart

Thank you Joni for helping me to understand my soul needs

Webinare / Skype


Some treatments I offer as webinars. For this purpose, I will appear a link with which you can you log on to the respective webinar. The rest happens automatically and we'll see us at the Webinar.

Requirement is for you a computer, usefully with microphone, because I will offer some webinars with opportunity for discussion, as well as with a camera. Most PC's and tablets offer these opportunities. However, the transmission in the tablets can possibly be slower, so that the image will not be "perfect". The energy will flow anyway.

In addition please look for a quiet place and ask to be left alone for that period. Background noise interfere with the process. If it can not be avoided, I beg you to be sure the microphone is mute, so that we can continue in the sequence.

In addition, during a webinar flow high energies.
The webinars will be paid in advance via Paypal.

I beg you on time (better still 5-10 minutes before) to join the webinar, and then you can clarify in advance, if necessary possibly need some configurations. I'm starting definitely on time on the agreed dates.

For all my webinars apply my conditions of use.


Individual sessions via Skype are also available as a video call.

This mean, we will arrange an appointment where I can call you on time. This appointment will be arranged via email. I'll beg you to share your Skype contact information with me.

For all my skype sessions apply my conditions of use.

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Treatments over distance

Treatments over distance are one way to bring the energy of the respective treatment in your energy field and thus to bring your healing on the way. Everything happens naturally with your consent and will happen at a time agreed by us.

For a treatment over distance we arrange an appointment. Please ensure then for a quiet and undisturbed place and put you back on top. I start with the treatment on the agreed time.

Some treatments are also suitable for self-demand, which means you can let them give from me in a time loop and call them on the intent - for example on the bedtime.

Please give me at the registration, with what you exactly dealt and I'll arrange the best treatment for you.

With the technique Divine intervention, it is possible for me to arrange a wonderful range of treatments for you which right there looks where it is needed now.

If you have questions after treatment, send me these please email.

Appointments through the contact form