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Light Language is an ancient knowledge of the Mayas, transmitted by Starr Fuentes.

Esperanza and the Masters in Mexico dedicated to the willingness to share their secrets, their time and energy.
Especially in our dense energy and through many incarnations we have brought much that prevents us to fulfill our soul contract and therefore into our power.

In the Light Language we work with the sacred geometric shapes and colors that work faster than the speed of light.

A Light Language Grid is a grid composed of individual form and color combinations that works in the aura. A grid is always used for the highest good of all,

To write a Light Language Grid, the personal circumstances and needs to be clarified in a preliminary. This can be done by email. If possible please send me an email with a photo of you

7shape Light Language Grid

With the 7shape Light Language Grid, we address the 7 major chakras and the general condition. He resolves to no more useful pattern. The duration of action is 17 months. Until then, there is so much happening in your life.

  • Personal 7shape Grid -  incl advice and explanation

After  4 weeks it is possible to make a stationary grid for your own house, your own practice and more.

  • Stationary 7shape Grid  incl. advice and explanation (provided there is already a personal 7 Grid)

12 shape Light Language Grid

The even closer connection to your higher self and thus to obtain to your soul, the 12shape Light Language Grid is just right. He speaks to five other chakras and also acts 17 months.

Personal Grid of 12 - incl advice and explanation - book via


49shape Light Language Grid

With a 49shape Light Language Grid, we go to special requests in such new homesituationen, develop your own skills, create business success, find your own strengths, clarify money situations develop health awareness or strengthen defuse crises and much more.

49er Grid  incl advice and explanation


144 shape Light Language Grid

The 144shape Light Language Grid is very effective for chronicle diseases, cancer, themes from our ancestral line, breakthroughs in your life or for the important breakthroughs on Lady Gaia. Ee have the choice between mor than 80 shapes and more than 144 colors, which makes this Grid very effective.

144er Grid  incl. advice and explanation

Book your Light Language Grid


I'm very grateful for receiving this knowledge - thank you to Esperanza, Starr Fuentes, Brook Still, Zabe Barnes, Anneliese Flachsmeier and the Masters in Mexico for their willingness to share their secrets, their time and energy.

Light Language for Love



              49 shape Light Language Grid for the community





Here are two grids for your personal use. They are free, but please go through the checkout process in my shop:

This grid is written to clear and energize every crystal that is calling.

This grid is created to resolve the electro smog that is coming into your house.