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In our energy field are a lot of things that are imperceptible to the naked eye. These include the chakras (Sanskrit: chakra means wheel), the aura (the field around the physical body) and some more. And yet they exist and now it is also scientific.

There are 7 aura layers:
7 - Physical Body
6 - Essential Body
5 - Emotional Body
4 - Mental Body
3 - Causal Layer
2 - Soul Case
1 - Great Soul

In many cultures  are the treatment of the chakras, the aura, the nadis and the prana tube part of the healing process. In this section I am referring to the aura.

We communicate, inter alia, to our aura - to be with someone on the same wavelength to notice,  when someone is "too close" to come to us are features like our subtle body is pronounced.

Our Aura has an individual extension for us - any aura is unique. Some people have a very light aura, they often attract other people near them and often only realize later how they were literally "sucked". Here it is important to protect yourself or to clear the aura. This can be done via a method like LMPT, which also offers blockages can drain away with or even by a breath, I like to explain in more detail in a seminar.

Another possibility is the aura clearing by the energy of the Crystal Skulls:

With the help of individually just for you selected Crystal Skulls from my Crystal Skull family, it is possible to feed the aura with crystalline energy and gentle to solve this by dieting blockages. At the same time you can find out a vibration increase, so that blockages can drain away quickly. This healing can also be done .

This may be because you realize that some blockages in the outer resolution time or are even already solved, but it may also be that you still "stumble" on a topic that is you are not previously been aware of. Perhaps at the moment is also first nothing palpable - everything is possible.