My Crystal Skull family forced me to bring this carddeck into life.

During the process we could give so wonderful readings that I believe it is a wonderful tool for everybody.

You could draw one card for a quick information or 3 cards for an overview.

Sometimes I even choose 6 cards.

It is always fitting and I really love it!

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Filled with the energies of the Crystal Skulls we developed a card deck for Readings.

Sessions available by booking through my online shop or sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

You'll receive a deep inside of your topics and a wonderful guides help through these cards.

I talk to you, because you have reached a point you need to make a decision about your forthcoming and where you live shall lead.

You realize which borders you have reached – physically and / or spiritually.

Every one of you –NOW, you have the choice of what you make of it.

Together with my brothers and friends on this side of the ethereal being, have we supported you to grow, to see the things and look them into the eye.

Still, you often didn’t see or didn’t want to see the hints.

Yes, this is your personal comfort-zone – which you don’t want to leave, due to fear what to find there. The magnificent changes in you live, only happen once you leave this burdensome comfort-zone.

In this comfort-zone, live is seemingly easy – nothing changes, everything is secure. But is it really secure? Many of you realize right now nothing is secure, everything is virtually.

Now it’s time to step away from this way of looking at things, finding a new path and follow it. Living a new live, a new awareness. Nothing has that much importance as that it hinders you in your being. Money is secondary – even if you discovered it as foundation of your existence during many incarnations. Everything you make of it plays right in the hands of the powerful of this world – money, money, money. Jump off of this hamster wheel, cleanse your thoughts and feelings towards the subject money and see what’s really important.

The light in you is the one which glows and can bring the discernment to people, how to go from here. See this light as what it is, as splendid being – as love, pure love that you are. Go back to your beginnings, communicate with your soul and your will find that love is the greatest thing ever existing. And that you can develop the ability to give this love generously over and over again, if you manage to see yourself as what you are –  a light full of love and peace. Then all those fights about every little piece of “ownership” stop. You don’t need to fight anymore; you did that way too long. Gift yourself with this opportunity of finding peace in yourself and living with it. To gift people you are surrounded by with this peace, so that the calm down and their existence recognize the light and will be able to live it; to find peace in oneself and glow on the outside because of it. As many more of you glow, as more peace and love will exist on earth, in the universe, in this galaxy and beyond.

All of us are standing here, waiting that you make this highly important step, that you manage to leave your comfort-zone, to see who you really are and to live it in order to stimulate the beings around you to do exactly the same, to see it and inspire them to live this way as well. As result is the common WE much more important as all the money, hous(es), ownership, etc.

Look at yourself – what do you have now: you got a temple, which you drain to the bitter end, which you deprive of all the love and which you don’t give the attention it deserves – to serve as temple for your soul. How often do you talk about preserving historical sites – your soul has history (remark from incarnations) and has a temple, but how to you treat this temple? Loveless, bleak and with little attention; and then you wonder about that this temple gets cracks, crack which don’t heal. Cracks who want to show you that you need to do something that you need to chance something, otherwise your temple breaks, shatters in little pieces and cannot be saved anymore. Now it’s time to change habits and live styles to give your real existence the opportunity to act.

We are willing to help you with this, and many presences on earth are willing to help with restoring your temple, if you take care of it afterwards. Become aware! We are there for you.

This is Saint Germaine talking to you.

© Kerstin Ajasha Overath  

Translation Barbara Isabella Brown

You are allowed to share this Channeling as long as nothing is changed and my name is mentioned