Dear crystal skull keeper

Thank you very much for your commitment and your energy and your light work.

I (Serapis) know, it took you a lot of time - assuring it was worth it - thanks to your effort it is possible that the dragon energy could find it's way back.

Now it is time to re-awake the unicorn energy, not only in some parts of the world, no at the entire beloved planet mother earth.

The unicorns have been the carrier of the lovable energy and companions of the little people for a long time. They protected and defended the animals of the woods and all the other residents of difficult to reach regions, honored with love and thanked for their effort for the humans and mother earth.

Then it came a dark time, the time in which Avalon submerged and the unicorns disappeared physically from the earth. Only a few humans have been able to recognize unicorns and be pleased of their energy. For a long time we couldn't do anything for you and the little people.

Thanks to your strenuous efforts, it is now permitted to us to support you again, even on a much larger scale as in the olden days. We have seen and felt, that the humans get closer to a point on their journey at which it is not only possible for them to recognize us more and more, but also necessary for us to be seen and to support the humans with our love and advise. We love you all, the little people, the devas, peries, dwarfs, gnomes, goblins - defender and keeper of plants, lakes, mountains and many more. And we love you, humans. Therefore we feel the urge to help you to become more aware of your love to yourself and that you feel your hearts. This heart, which you must have streched in all your deepness to feel yourself and to feel the love of the All-One, the divine creation, and to carry it out in the world.

Carry it to the humans, who are desperate for it.

We the unicorns want to mesmerize you with our lovable magic, want to give you access to this magic (called love) again and will give you access to meditation which will uncover this energy, this love, this mesmerizing moment for you. Look forward to it!

© Kerstin Ajasha Overath  

Translation Barbara Isabella Brown