Dimensional Energy©:

This energy is developed from my Crystal Skull Family to help you through the light body process. Please hear it not more than once a week because it is very intense.

It will bring you one level or more up in your energy field, depending on where you are.

Crystal Skull Dimensional Energy


Detoxing Energy©

This energy helps your emotional body to get rid of unwanted and no longer serving emotional stuff. You could use this energy every evening before you fell asleep.

Crystal Skull Detoxing Energy


You are allowed to download it to your devices. You are allowed to share it with your friends etc., please mention the original source while sharing. Thank you!

Don't hear to these MP3 while driving or doing something that needs your full attention. Only hear it while you are in a meditation space or relaxed state.
These energies are very high and you will be in a trance state!!