Dear humans, dear light workers, and dear crystal skull keepers

I welcome you and appreciate that you like to listen to me.

Thank you for your effort and your love, which means a lot to us.

Us, that are the dragons, the ones who had to leave once, because they

weren't welcome on this earth anymore.

We were mistreated, misjudged, and condemnd. It took a long time until we

understood what this all meant and we have learned to forgive.

We have seen and felt, that there are humans and light workers on our

beloved mother earth, who reach out to us because they have recognized

our real substance and existance.

And we are back.

Yet it is still a very fragile energy, but it is getting stronger and stronger and

we are sheltered by the crystal skulls and Merlin. Merlin, who was there for

us always, who loved and protected us. But when he had to leave he couldn't

protect us anymore.

Since a few years it is possible to feel and to show the dragon energy

through the dense energies of the earth. We are the keeper of the

knowledge of mother earth and the elements. We are the keeper of the

interacting knowledge. And we show you which outcome it has to interact

with the elements if it isn't for the highest good for everyone. You didn't

understand it back in time, you didn't understand that it is a dangerous

game to juggle with the elements and to underestimate their power and

possibilities. Still, many of you don't realize, what they cause if they trifle

with the elements. They judge over others instead to see that everyone

plays its part. Wheter it is environmental pollution, negligence and many


We beg you, protect the earth, it's worth it. It's an angel who is at our

disposal to make experiences possible which the creation liked to do and will

do in the future. Mother earth has borne and suffered enough throughout the

time since Atlantis. While we had to withdraw, she was there for you, had

you play with her, abuse her and got very, very tired. But like every mother

she took it on, made many things possible for her children. Now it is time

that you children, give your mother the possibility to re-power and get new

strenght. Like we dragons came back to support you and mother earth and

show our love to you and mother earth again.

We are willing to accompany you and make our love accessible for you and

ask you to let us in you heart. Then we are united with you and everythingwhat-

is. Together, let us serve mother earth and the creation.

Therefore it is necessary to develop an awareness which is much greater as

the day to day presence. It is important that you humans are aware about

the damage you cause if you play with the elements.

Have your hearts leading you. Feel the living being earth under your feet. As

we let you feel our love.


© Kerstin Ajasha Overath  

Translation Barbara Isabella Brown